Is There Any Value Of Learning Scripting for Game Dev?

I don’t think so but I should ask it. I have heard of Bash Scripting today but it seems like it is not really ever mentioned in game dev.

Hey! I don’t think your question has received any responses due to the phrasing of your question. I think it would be a much more interesting question if you asked how others used bash or command line scripts to assist their game dev process rather than ask if there is any value at all :slight_smile: That way it gives others a chance to share their own experiences.

Although I haven’t had much experience in game dev directly, my gut feeling is that the command line could improve productivity within your dev environment. Understanding it could assist with understanding your file system better, storing files methodologically, managing space, debugging, and having more control over the exportation of your game files. Hope this gives you an idea of how it might help.