Is there any Review or E-book about the Python Course?

Hey, how are you doing? I’m new here, and I would like to know if there is some PDF, Review or E-book with everything that Codecademy teaches in the Python course.

Sometimes I forget sth and I would like to review some commands and I have to look at the lessons and it’s boring. It would be easier if there was a e-book or sth like this.

Thanks in advance!

codecademy has a python glossary:

and if you google something like: python cheatsheet, you will find a lot of useful things as well. Furthermore there is of course the official python docs:

why bother to remember if the answer is just a few fingertips away?


Also there are good Python E-books like the O’Reilly ones (found it on my university library) which teaches Python 2/3 pretty well.

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