Is there an api for codeacademy?


Is there an api for codecademy that would allow me to track students progress via HTTP?


I don't believe there is.

Is there any reason why tracking via the schools dashboard is inconvenient?


Hello @tansaku, unfortunately at this time there is not an API. As @jacobsandersen asked, it would be good to know what you are thinking and if you have checked out existing Teacher resources.

We have great resources for teachers:

Below are Codecademy's resources to help instructors teach computer science to students of all ages and backgrounds.

  • Classroom Tracking
  • Class Resources, including lesson plans and curriculum
  • Teacher Training

For your information and convenience, we also created a Teacher only forum category for you to get help, connect with other teachers and learn!

Thank you, and Happy Learning!
-Codecademy Community Manager


@alexcommunitymgr I think it'd be nice if the achivements, projects, progress, and tracks API URLs got added back in. Was there a reason for removing them?


I don't recall every having an api for those. Projects urls are unaccessible to normal users (pro only). We have changed a lot of urls over time.



Yeah, we'd like to be able to automate a few things, such as sending people an email once they've completed a particular track etc.


Perhaps instead of having an API and you writing those features, you could make this a feature request for Codecademy itself?



It's possible they never existed, I'm only assuming they do because /api/v1/users/username returns those URLs, and I've noticed other API's get removed, so I thought maybe that was what happened to them :)

@tansaku If people enable it in their mail settings, they can get an email whenever they complete a course. Probably not as much customizability/control as you want, but there might be more options someday :)