Is there an accompanying app for the "Learn Hardware Programming With CircuitPython" course


I have completed the “Learn Hardware Programming With CircuitPython” course and are in the middle of taking
the “Learn Python 3” course. One of the best aspects of the course on Python, is the associated app that allows
me to review the material I have already read about, any time during the day when I have some free time.
It has just occurred to me that the course on CircuitPython did not seem to have the same kind of app.
My question is does it have such an app and I somehow missed it or are there plans to release such an
app for the CircuitPython course in the future. Any information on this issue will be greatly appreciated.


Jerry Hoffman

There’s only one CC mobile app where you can practice what you’re currently studying.
I’m not sure why there wasn’t any material relating to that particular course. It could be that if it’s a newer course there might not be any reviewable material.

Let me look into this and see if I can find out some information.

Thanks for looking into this.

Jerry Hoffman