Is there a way to use Ctrl functions in script.js?


Not any specific exercise to note, but I wanted to know if there is a way to use Crtl+H or Ctrl+F functions to replace or find text in the code for easy manipulation of saved examples of code.

no specific code, but lets use the current example:

Say I wanted to change all the .toUpperCase to Lower, or just find all the places on the code it exists.

switch(troll) {
  case 'FIGHT':
    var strong = prompt("How courageous! Are you strong (YES or NO)?").toUpperCase();
    var smart = prompt("Are you smart?").toUpperCase();
    if(strong === 'YES' || smart === 'YES') {
      console.log("You only need one of the two! You beat the troll--nice work!");
    } else {
      console.log("You're not strong OR smart? Well, if you were smarter, you probably wouldn't have tried to fight a troll. You lose!");
  case 'PAY':
    var money = prompt("All right, we'll pay the troll. Do you have any money (YES or NO)?").toUpperCase();
    var dollars = prompt("Is your money in Troll Dollars?").toUpperCase();
    if(money === 'YES' && dollars === 'YES') {
      console.log("Great! You pay the troll and continue on your merry way.");
    } else {
      console.log("Dang! This troll only takes Troll Dollars. You get whomped!");
  case 'RUN':
    var fast = prompt("Let's book it! Are you fast (YES or NO)?").toUpperCase();
    var headStart = prompt("Did you get a head start?").toUpperCase();
    if(fast === 'YES' || headStart === 'YES') {
      console.log("You got away--barely! You live to stroll through the forest another day.");
    } else {
      console.log("You're not fast and you didn't get a head start? You never had a chance! The troll eats you.");
    console.log("I didn't understand your choice. Hit Run and try again, this time picking FIGHT, PAY, or RUN!");


I think this might be the default keybinds:

But at least some of it is rebound and might be an older version too

I just paste it into my own editor rather than learn another (inferior) one


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