Is there a way to turn off the notifications in the lessons?

Is there a way to turn off the pop-up badge/streak notifications in the lessons? I have checked the settings page and don’t see an option for notifications. Is it a browser setting? Using latest Brave Version [1.8.95] if it helps.


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Hello @jrl80, welcome to the forums! As far as I know there is isn’t a way, but you can get rid of them quickly by clicking the x in the top right corner of the popup.Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 07.32.16

Thanks @codeneutrino! I know they can be closed manually. I just think they are a unneeded distraction during the lessons and should be able to be disabled or at least close by themselves after a few seconds.


Came here looking for the same answer. It’s too bad they can’t be ignored, or timed out. It’s quite annoying.

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