Is there a way to turn off the notifications in the lessons?

Is there a way to turn off the pop-up badge/streak notifications in the lessons? I have checked the settings page and don’t see an option for notifications. Is it a browser setting? Using latest Brave Version [1.8.95] if it helps.


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Hello @jrl80, welcome to the forums! As far as I know there is isn’t a way, but you can get rid of them quickly by clicking the x in the top right corner of the popup.Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 07.32.16

Thanks @codeneutrino! I know they can be closed manually. I just think they are a unneeded distraction during the lessons and should be able to be disabled or at least close by themselves after a few seconds.


Came here looking for the same answer. It’s too bad they can’t be ignored, or timed out. It’s quite annoying.

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Me too. Each time I go to the next part, I receive tons of new notifications (a bit too much).

I would upvote such a feature as well. As nice as the gamification aspect is (and I really like collecting these badges) they become very annoying, because with nearly every step I earn badges or at least multiple of them are shown.

Some kind of notification settings in my profile like “turn off badges” would be awesome.

Does someone know someone who can code this? :slight_smile:

I also came here looking for a way to disable notifications. It seems fun at first but every time you finish a page three more of them pop up. It’s way overdone.

Perhaps a new thread in course & feature requests- would be worthwhile. It’s unlikely to be picked up at the current location. A single thread with multiple users supporting it would probably be the best shout should anyone else @pyace17511, @philippkowalski80717 in this thread support it.


Created an official thread over there, thank you @tgrtim

Here’s the link: