Is there a way to totally reset courses?

Hello there :slight_smile:

Simple question : I tried a lot of courses before finding what I wanna do, and those courses are still marked as “enrolled” in the catalog.
I already reset the progression for those courses and removed them from My Home, but when I go to the catalog, they’re still in yellow and marked as enrolled. Is there a way to totally reset it?
Even if I need to totally reset my account (I mean all progression from everywhere), that’s not a problem, want my Codecademy clean haha.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

I’ve not tried but in your home profile somewhere- there is a ‘My Courses’ header with an edit link just beside it. I’m assuming you should be able to unenroll from a course there.

Description suggests it affects enrollment but not progress so if you wanted to reset both you might need to complete the step you did before and this unenroll step.

Ahh perhaps I misinterpreted your original post. I just tried removing courses this way and they do get remove from your Home/Profile/Dashboard but the Catalog does indeed still show the course as ‘Enrolled…’.

The original update only mentions the dashboard, perhaps it can be shifted to the catalogue as well. Will try passing it along-

Thanks for your response :slight_smile:
Yep, the Edit button on ‘My Home’ removes it from Home (and it’s already a good thing), but in the catalog it’s still marked as Enrolled.
Not a really big deal but I was wondering if I could make my Codecademy all clear haha.

I’ll continue searching and I’ll tell you if I find something!

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Seems like it’s WAI at the moment so no easy way to clear them up-

You could try adding a post to Suggestions; Feature and Course Requests - Codecademy Forums proposing it as a feature (make sure it’s clear about the catalog vs. the dashboard that was an existing proposal).

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