Is there a way to reset all of my HTML/CSS courses?

Hi everyone. My dad wants me to review all of my HTML and CSS, problem is is that I can’t do them because my past code is still there and I don’t want to cheat. All I want are my HTML courses to be reset. Thank you!

~ Christina Maverick

Hey Christina,

I’m not sure if there’s another solution to this, haven’t really looked for it to be honest, but I have reviewed some courses in the past and what I did was to reset the exercise every time I started a new one.

It’s not the most practical way of doing things, but if you can get yourself not to look at the good before resetting -and thus not cheat- this is one way to go about this.

Edit: come to think of it, if what you need to do is review HTML and CSS, which you have already completed… why not create a second account. That way all exercises will be blank, and you’ll have your current account if you need to check how you previously did certain things.

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I see. Thank you for the information.

I updated my suggestion

there is a FAQ topic for this:

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