Is there a way to post my website or to get a link for other people to see it?

Hi, I am a pretty new coder, but I would love to learn more code to someday make games or something, and I know this is probably a simple answer, but is there a way to post my website on google or something? To maybe get the url for it so other people can see it? Thanks!

Google is just a search engine, it indexes sites.

But yea, you will need a server (search with google: free website hosting services) and read there instructions, just make sure you get a free domain, upload you files, and you can send the url to friends to show off.

Now, i simplified this quit a bit, but this is good learning process, of course you can ask if you need help. If you just want something simple, try codepen,jsbin,jsfiddle (use google to find them)