Is there a way to "pace" the prompts?


So when running the program for this lesson, all of the questions/prompts, etc. pop up at the beginning, before you can read any of the output.

The issue is that in a "real" text-based adventure game, you would be able to see what is happening in the adventure before deciding what to input.

Thinking about it, I can't think of a way to "pace" the adventure using what we've learned so far, since there's no way to know when the next prompt should pop up. Am I correct in this assumption? Or am I just missing something?

Edit: I was just able to create a version of this by outputting the responses and adventure using confirm instead of console.log. I'm assuming this is really the only way to do it at this stage?


You can put prompts inside if loops, so you can prompt when that requirement is met. So not all prompts are always asked at the start.:smiley: