Is there a way to open a file in both read and write?

Having gone through the whole lesson, I didn’t come across a way of opening a file in both ‘read’ and ‘write’ mode (I might have missed something). Is there such a way?

if you check the documentation:

you will see this mode exist. there is read ®, write (w), append (a) and read + write (r+)


Grand, thank you! I was on that page but clearly didn’t read it through…

Thank you, i saw it, but. I have this type of code:

with open("bad_bands.txt", "r+") as bad_bands_doc:
  bad_bands_doc.write("Grupa Tuberculyos")

with open("bad_bands.txt") as bad_bands_doc:

and it outputs:

Grupa Tuberculyos

There is an empty first line. I suppose that there should be a similar to the second line. But could you help me with why it is not?
Thank you.

ran the code on

and went fine, maybe there was already content in the file? You could removing and creating the file again.

Is it fine though? Because what i would suppose is that there should be two identical lines of output:

Grupa Tuberculyos
Grupa Tuberculyos

Since we wrote “open("bad_bands.txt", "r+")” with "r+", i would expect we could write “bad_bands_doc.write("Grupa Tuberculyos")” to the file and then read it with “print” “print(” so that we could output two identical lines.

I think the problem is with how python handles files.


  bad_bands_doc.write("Grupa Tuberculyos")

the write is kept in memory (to minimize interaction with disk, which is slow). So then when you use read(), there is nothing in the file yet

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