Is there a way to make vscode side-by-side instead of top-bottom?

Right now my vscode(Visual Studio Code) looks like this:

Is there a way I can make the terminal next to the code?

right click on the toolbar (next to the word Terminal) and you’ll have a context menu just for that (Move Panel) or bring up command palette (ctrl+shift+p) and type in: panel

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Wow! Thanks so much! And if you wouldn’t mind, is vscode a good software to use with Python? I just downloaded it because I wanted something to experiment on (after failing with atom).

I am not sure if it is the BEST one for Python, though I do all of Python programing on it and rather enjoy it.

I have heard Pycharm is a really good one too.

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I actually heard of Pycharm, but it costs money… something I don’t have. :flushed:

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There is a community edition that is open source:
Pycharm download page

Though it is more limited than the pro version.
I have not used it myself yet, so I can’t say for sure how good it is.


I’m using Atom on a 12" laptop and VS Code on anything with bigger screen. Microsoft have been adding Python-specific plugins recently so unless you really need the integration of Pycharm I guess there’s a little you’ll miss from it (esp. with community ed)

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