Is there a way to link Anadonda/Jupyter notebook to Github?

I am starting my 1st solo project ( biodiversity)and it says to set my GitHub repository but it only opens in Visual Studio.
I can just ignore the Github thing but i found it strange codecademy ask us to do something and didn’t explain how.

Did you create an empty GH repository so you can use the “upload file” option to add your Jupyter notebook to that repo?

What opens in VS?

It took me 1h but i figured it out. i only needed to save/start my Jupyter project inside where GH repository was saved.
Like this, each time i upload my Jupyter code, it should update on my GH.

God my head hurts and i haven´t even started the project lol.

Thanks a lot, your comment opened a can of worms and made the information click

Well, you activate jupyter on your end, either via the terminal or using Anaconda Navigator (or however you do it), then you can upload the more recent file to the repo to replace it.

here’s one way: