Is there a way to change the font and the font color of your code?

For example, when I type a number in my code it will automatically get an orange color. Or if I type a string it will get a yellow color. Is there a way to change colors? And say I don’t like the font, can I change that too?

Unfortunately, I don’t think this is currently possible. But it’s a good feature suggestion, so I moved it to feature suggestions.

No, there is no way you can customize the colors, this can only be done by a codecademy developer. But for now, accept the color, when making your own projects you can change the colors, depending on the editor you use

If you go onto a real console, they will change colours, so i think its just the computer that recognises it and changes the colour. I don’t think its possible to customize it to the colour you want.

Hey Huubke161,

Like everyone else is saying, there’s no easy way to change the colors/font. If you set up a custom browser stylesheet though, you can customize Codecademy’s code editor, targeting classes such as .ace_end and giving it a special color or something :slight_smile: