Is there a way to bypass or skip past a stuck lesson?


I'm stuck on Lesson 11 in Intro to Functions, which seems to be a sticking point for a lot of people (a whole page of discussions in this forum). Is there any way to move past a lesson if it's not considered complete?



Hey @squirrelnbnutkin,

There is a way to skip around, but why do you want to? You can just ask, which is what this web is for. And there's people like me. :smiley:

Anyway, I'll tell you how with a pic:

You see the thing on the left bottom corner? Try clicking that. Then, you'll se something like this:

You can just click the next level, and it will take you there. However, you are not able to do this in the newer levels (Java, Git),

So at least show me your problem. :smiley:


Write a function called nameString()
It should take name as a parameter.
The function returns a string equal to "Hi, I am" + " " + name.
Call nameString() by passing it your name, and use console.log to print the output.

Step 1.

var nameString = function () {


Step 2.

var nameString = function (name) {


Step 3.

var nameString = function (name) {
    return "Hi, I am" + " " + name;

Step 4.

console.log(nameString("Wee Gillis"));  // Hi, I am Wee Gillis


Hi, I've used exactly this code but it still returns an error. I am not the first person with this problem - there is a whole page of discussions.
At this point I just want to move on.

@ragezapper thanks for the graphic! @mtf thanks for the code!
Here's a picture of my code, which returns the correct result but still shows an error.


You put "Hi I am Susie" instead of "Hi , I am Susie". :smiley:

Just add a comma there.


ha Ha I need a proofreader!


that was really well spotted! Are you a programmer you seem to be really good at helping on here.


The comma really you couldn't see that. Btw i don't think skipping a lesson just because you aren't able to complete it is not a good thing , that is if you want to be a programmer .


I suggest to not criticize, for there are times when people cannot see the problems in front of them.

@awalklearn Err... no. I suggest reading my profile before saying that.


Funny you should mention the profile part ... I didn't know we had one until a message appeared highlighting that we have this provision yesterday. I Only joined four days ago. Anyway, gud to know and again, well spotted as I too didn't realise really minor errors like missing a comma can cause glitches. It's all good..but functions...grrr.. Headache ..more headache...sack it I'm off for a pint haha.


FWIW the program is inconsistent in that sometimes you can modify the text string with no problem, but in this lesson it won't let you continue even if the code is correct (mine was). I do think the error messages could be more clear - especially for a complete novice, a lot of the messages are not comprehendable and can result in getting stuck for hours. And sometimes when the code is just fine but a module keeps returning an error, you just need to move on.
It would be great if Codecademy would include a button in each mod where you could call up the correct code so you could check and see where your error is, or exactly what they are looking for if the instructions aren't clear. It would certainly reduce the need for the discussion forum!


its funny you should mention that I am so fed up at the moment having spent the last three hours trying to rectify my mistake in coding on part 5 of the rock, paper scissors section. i had to move on but when I did I found out the error was my not putting the { } curly brackets in the correct place which is fair enough but when I returned to section 5 and amended this it still did not work even though the code is exactly as it should be as purveyed in section 6! all it does is repeat the same laborious message..
Oops, try again. Did you create a function called compare?
yes///i..bleepin ave....grrr...i have gone through the switching off the laptop and closing the tab reopening the tab resetting the code and still would not accept any change so just, like you mention, had no alternative but to move on which means even if i complete the rest of the modules i won;t have completed this part of the unit when I am at the end because section 5 remains incomplete...grrr

btw...yes i did create the function but no further help from the message to say where i am causing an error is soooo annoying...i wanted to throw the laptop out of the window and decided at that point to make a drink and watch a show I had recorded yesterday...I will come back to it later when I complete part six...wishful thinking I know!

it turns out that I was supposed to remove the 'comment' even though the lesson clearly indicates:

We carried over the code from the previous section, but it is a comment. Leave it there for now.