Is there a way to activate auto complete HTML within the given IDE?

I really like the method of teaching this site offers but also hated the way IDE works for HTML.
When I type <h1>, I expect the IDE to close it automatically for me.
Is there any way to make it do that?

(stared because, without it, it makes it h1 size)

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Hello @kadirkirisci44790430, welcome to the forums! No, I don’t think there is a way to automatically generate self closing tags in the CC IDE.

Welcome to the community!

As @codeneutrino says, the Codecademy editor does not do a lot of the lifting for you - unlike a “full” editor or IDE, where you may get closing tags automatically and some degree of autocomplete.

It’s a bit like driving a car. To begin with, you’re expected to do everything yourself so that you understand what you’re doing and are in control - you change gear, control the speed of the vehicle, complete a parking manoeuver etc…

Once you reach an acceptable level of competence, then you can - at your discretion - begin to rely on “driver assistance” features like cruise control or parking assist.

The lack of assistance from the Codecademy editor is the same thing. :slight_smile: