Is there a subforum with threads about each exercise?

The codecademy forum seems gigantic, so maybe I’ve overlooked it, but is there a section dedicated to discussion of specific exercises? I’ve noticed that some exercises like this one have a link at the bottom of the left hand pane that reads, “Still have questions? View this exercise’s thread in the Codecademy Forums.” When clicked, it takes you to a pertinent discussion of the thread in question.

This link does not appear for the vast majority of exercises, where instead it reads, " Get help and ask questions in the Codecademy Forums," which is a link that simply dumps the user at the beginning of the forum where presumably users with questions on a particular exercise proceed to create a brand new thread to discuss it, which seems like it would clog up the forums over time.

Is there a way to visit a discussion thread on a particular exercise from within the lesson interface or does one have to search the forum manually? If so, where can I make a feature request for this topic? Thanks for your time and thoughts.

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Hey alphabaron, thanks a lot for bringing this up. You’re right about that feature you spotted where it links to an exercise’s thread, where people can ask (and hopefully answer!) questions about that specific subsection of content. Would you mind linking me to an exercise that does not direct to a thread and instead just goes to the homepage? That would indicate a break in that feature and I’d wanna go try to fix it.

Something I’d want to point out though is that this feature only exists for exercises and not for projects, articles, quizzes, videos, and the like, with the idea there being that those items are a bit too expansive with their possible question set to be able to condense discussion into a single thread, where a single exercise for example is usually covering just one or two new chunks of information at a time.


You could also use the (advanced) search functionality in the forums. People are usually pretty specific about the naming of their threads. You can find help there or if your question isn’t answered or the thread is really old, then start a new one with your specific question and post your formatted code.


You’re right, there’s something weird going on here, and it appears to resolve itself upon a reload of the exercise - something that might make one think that one’s being gaslit by the platform. I wondered if I was missing something myself looking through it. Hopefully the refresh thing can help to track down the issue, but it’s definitely not just you. Thanks alphabaron!

FWIW, I just tested the forums link in two places in the lesson noted/linked above: “get unstuck” & then the bottom of the left pane, with the CC forums link. Both brought me to the FAQ on the first try:

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Yeah looks like if you navigate directly then it works, but if you use the regular navigation as if you’re in a learning flow (next/back) then it often does not.

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