Is there a shortcut command to open files?


Hey I was wondering if there is any shortcut command to move between files like this:

open config/routes.rb

opens routes.rb in the file manager

Clicking with the mouse is a bit tedious. Thanks1


there is a topic will all the shortcuts under FAQ:

opening files seem not possible


Well they are shortcuts though, not commands. Is there a link for terminal ones as well? But even things like cd and ls are not working, so I am not really hopeful there haha.


cd and ls work:

hm… i have no idea which command would be required for opening the files in the editor, not sure its possible. Normally, on your own server this would be a piece of cake given you know name of the GUI text-editor

you can go for using command line text-editors (nano, vim)?

to open the files using command line you will need to find out what the name of the editor is

edit: seems no possible, there is a editor command, but you get nano


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