Is there a sentence or a word element?



In the example given in this exercise, we use the <p> tag even for a two word sentence. Do finer granularity elements exist? For example, is there a sentence or a word element?


While a sentence or a word element does not exist, a developer who wanted finer control over a piece of a paragraph like a word, sentence or character might use an element like <span>, <em>, or <strong> to more specifically target content. You will learn about each of these tags and their use cases in the exercises to come. For now, just know that they exist and can be used to target sentences, words, or characters within a paragraph or even to target entire paragraphs within larger articles. In other words, developers can use these tags to control the granularity of the targeted content.

FAQ: Learn HTML Elements - Intro to HTML - HTML Anatomy

The letter p is somewhat confusing to the newcomer to coding as it is used for "print" in Basic. However, the angles surrounding the p help the poor newbie to remember that, in coding, the p stands for paragraph.