Is there a place on Codecademy to practice writing my own code, specifically Python?

All I want to know is: Is there somewhere on Codecademy where I can make custom programs using my own code(specifically Python) so I can practice or make things without having to download applications off the web?

P.S. Sorry the topic I selected for this didn’t really apply but I couldn’t find one that did. Sorry admins!

Codecademy used to have labs, but this was used so little, it got removed. There are sites like where you can run python2 and python3 code, but there are more designed to handle a single script

once your projects grow in size, you really need to install the python interpreter from there website (link) and setup your developers environment on your pc.

you might need a virtualenv or package (which are not installed by default) for your python project, then you really need a proper testing environment on your own computer.


Ok thanks. Again! I know u answered my question a couple days ago, too! Thanks, stetim

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oh yes, i did but i don’t remember given how many people i help on a daily basis.

just revisited the topics, i remember. But if you are already going to install an editor (atom or brackets) you can customize the editors to help you to write python code faster and better, and then being able to run the code directly on your PC is nice, it might be even possible to integrate running python code with the text-editor. This is certainly possible within atom (very possible also brackets). So you should actually install the python interpreter, to make your life a lot easier :slight_smile:


There are a couple of “cloud workspaces” with free tiers, they essentially hand you a virtual machine or equivalent and hand you terminal access and provide editors on their website

I just picked one out of the bucket, , seemed fine. Comes with python2.7/python3.5, and if you know your way around linux you can install whatever you want, but if not then you can stick with the web interface

Stick with if that does what you need. Can’t really go wrong with something that just has a “run” button.


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