Is there a certificate for Python for programmers?

Is there a certificate for Python for programmers? I just did it as a refresher but also as proof that I can do python on my CV. I am going to get more certificates but want to make sure the basics are there first.

Any certificate would attest only to completion of a track, without detailing the curriculum or comparing it to the syllabus of a college level CS course. It may have some value, but it would be limited in scope and more of a footnote to your CV, not a main merit point.

The fact that ‘exams’ can be rewritten innumerable times is a strike against any credit of proficiency, and lacks corroborable evidence to support any claims of the same. It’s a MOOC, not an institution based learning program with human oversight.

Any employer seeking your skills is going to have a prepared interview that can put your CV claims to the test. If you can pass that interview, it won’t be due to the MOOC accomplishments as much as your own merit. Be careful how much stock you put into what you learn here, and be sure to definitely follow it all up with more in depth learning, review and testing.

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I agree with your statement and understand better the use of the certificates so thank you for that. I agree that it’s my own effort which is what matters and that will show in an interview.

Hence, I will keep programming as I have with the aim to get better and now look to add these certificates as footnotes. That being said I don’t know how to get this specific course to be a certificate. If there’s any advice on that I would greatly appreciate it.

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Not sure what advice one can offer in terms of how to get a certificate. It may be tied to a particular path being completed, or to a specific broad unit. Sorry I cannot fill you in with better details.

No worries and thank you for information

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If you look at the catalog, there is no certificate mentioned for the “Python for Programmers” course. The courses which offer certificates include the text “With Certificate” in their description.