Is there a bug or something? (Sovled)


its saying i did not do the equal too step but i did is it bugged?

it should have passed i even looked up a guy on youtube that did the same exact way help plz

Replace this line with your code.


Can you post your code so we can help you? And why do people never think that the problem can come from them and not the latter? I mean I'm not saying the course has bugs, but 99% of the time it's an user error.


dude i strait up copied exactly what the guy did from youtube and he passed and somehow mine has a error
code for it was that i copied off that guy was
the_machine_goes = "ping!"
it printed it but yet says that i did not make the_machine_goes string = to ping even though i did the same exact way


Okay, then it might be a small mistake which really isn't anyone's fault. The lesson checker for Codecademy only know a few ways of accepting answers, so even if your code is right, it may not let you pass. Make sure the "P" in "ping" is capitalized, and make sure the code is on lines 5 &6.


k i will try and get back to you


Okay, if it still doesn't work then please send me a screenshot. :slight_smile:


ok yeah capitalization now imma bash my head into a wall and work more on it later thank you


they should add a common tip thing to check for capitalization and simple stuff might knock out half your issues


Agreed....everything can't be perfect though. These errors happen to everyone, and you'll know how to spot them if you spend long enough here. Don't worry, things like these aren't very common at Codecademy, but when it does happen to you you spend ages trying to find the error. :confused: Also, can you please change the title to say "solved", so people know you don't need help anymore?

P.S. Just a tip, make sure you do EXACTLY as the instructions say( i.e. variable names, functions names, etc.). You won't believe how many times people don't follow the instructions as they say, and end up with an error when technically their code is correct.


Yeah but still its annoying but maybe see if you can get post like these Pinned or something so people can have a look and if its common then they will commonly see just as i have lol it also be a good way to solve some of the workload lol


Haha....only moderators can do that, sorry, :slight_smile: Thanks for marking it solved.


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