Is there a bug in question 11?


i tried several images, which had been showed but I can't go on. :confused:


No, just a strict checking script. Make sure you have NO spaces in src="http:// and you close your image with .jpg" /> (note the space before />, if you need more help, post your code


I tried that but I am still confused


Well, if you make a topic with your code in it, you will get help


I did exactly what it was telling me to do but it still says I am ending it wrong because I didn't put the image url in place but I did


Can you show us your code?


<!DOCTYPE html>
		<img src="" />
		<img src="" />


enters do qualify as spaces in this case, change this:

<img src="" />


<img src="" />


Doesn't work anyway...i tried everything
Who is the atribute of src ?


your second image:


doesn't have a src attribute, give a source attribute and a image url/location. Check your first image if you need on the syntax


getting the same issue here


You need a space between .jpg" and />, it is xml syntax