Is there a bug in "2. Functional Scope"?


Many people seem to be writing the same code and getting the same error, I can't get past the second exercise without getting the error. I feel I am writing the correct code and sometimes it passes and sometimes it doesnt. Its really frustrating as I am trying to really get to grips with Javascript and this is off putting.

var laundryRoom = 'Basement';
var mailRoom = 'Room 1A';

function myApartment ()
var mailBoxNumber = 'Box 3';
var laundryRoom = 'In-unit';

console.log('Laundry: ' + laundryRoom + ', Mail: ' + mailRoom);

Error:Did you write a variable named mailBoxNumber in the myApartment function?

Replace this line with your code.

Sequel of this question

All I really want to know if its a bug, if so I can relax, if not I have to figure out whats wrong


I've got, Mail box:.


did you manage to make it work?


That lesson worked out for me, but I didn't test your text. Did you test mine?


I havent yet, I will


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