Is the Wanderlust project broken?

around the 13th stage a URL you’re supposed to use a link from the project that is provided, however since it has expired or been removed from the page it will always return a 404, which will catch no matter what. the response.ok will always return a falsely. I checked on the way back machine, the url broke on NOV 28 2021, any posts on this topic before this date will NOT HELP YOU.

We need your code to help you. Also I do not know what you mean by the link broke.

Hi @vasilykeytiyev, welcome to the forms!

Foursquare semi-recently updated their API to a new version (v3) while the Wanderlust project still uses an older version (v2). This means that some of the projects instructions pertaining to the correct URLs and to authentication with the API are now out of date.

I’d recommend temporarily skipping the project for now and coming back to it once Codecademy updates the intstructions (they are currently in the process of doing so and there should be an updated version soon).

If you look at the project you’ll see what i’m talking about, the catch statment is triggered because the url you are meant to use no longer goes to the correct page, and will always return a falsey in the try catch if statement

for anybody viewing this page before january 12 2022 fear not, they are aware of the issue and will update it on this day.