Is the solution pretty URLs?

If I have a webpage with the url
Because it is in my folder named public. So if I want to convert into - cutting out the public and .html extension, is the solution Pretty URLs ?

Hey valoruz :slight_smile:

Yes, would be considered a “pretty URL” (AKA clean URL).

It’s not exactly a solution, however. It’s just what they’re called.

If you use a framework or CMS, there’s a good chance this would be done for you.

It’s essentially your web server that will deal with this (most likely Apache or Nginx, but could be another).

Can’t really help you further without having more information though.

I am preferring Node.js backend.

Hi Valoruz,

URLs can work however you want. Basically, anything the user puts into the URL after the TLD is entirely up to your back-end to interpret however it wants. I’m not sure what ‘Pretty URLs’ is, but if you learn Node.js well then you’ll learn all about parsing URLs and hot to route them appropriately.

Look up controller-routing/request-handler or something like that.