Is the sentence: "Create an Admin class that subclasses the User class" the same thing as: Create an Admin that is a subclass of the User class. I don't understand codecademy's engilish

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Hello @microsolver52877, welcome to the forums! As far as I know, yes, they mean the same thing.


Hey @microsolver52877 , how we can help you ? don’t forget to include a link to the project to get fast answer . :+1: :+1: :+1:

@microsolver52877 welcome to the forums!

In short, yes. Although I think it’s a little technical, especially without explanation.

I ran a search on "subclasses the User class" and there are some results on that wording. So it is lingo that is used.

Let’s consider some english sentences:

  1. The dog ate my homework.
  • we can say that the “eater” is the dog.
  • the object being “eaten” is the homework.
  1. The sage healed my wounds.
  • The sage is the “healer”.
  • My wounds are the object getting “healed”.

So now we look back to:

The Admin that subclasses the User.

  • the Admin is the “subclass-er”
  • the User is the “subclass-ee” (ew, I know this is an atrocious way to use language)

So now the User has a subclass. That subclass is provided by the Admin class and by context it is the Admin class itself.

I invite other more eloquent writers to improve upon my hatchet-job. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

But on a serious note, should this line considered for editing/clarified in CC? @codeneutrino


Yes, I think we should. @microsolver52877’s title said what I think would be a good replacement: Create an Admin class that is a subclass of the User class.


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