Is the Ruby on Rails course currently down?

So I see the notice about Heroku at the top of the course. Does that mean the course is unusable until they find a replacement? I’m stuck on the very first project (“Broadway”) - the browser part won’t load, not even the “Not found” message it’s supposed to have at the start before I touch anything. And following the steps doesn’t change that at all, even as it keeps telling me to check the browser. Since this course seems to rely heavily on “just parrot this line and see what it does” rather than explaining, the fact that I can’t see what it does is a major problem.

I asked support about the course a few days ago about it. They said that only a small part of the course uses Heroku, and they should change it by the end of Q1-Beginning of Q2. For me, the rest of the course works fine, so the errors might be something on your end. And I have to say I am disappointed with the quality of the course compared to others…

Having the same problem. This is pretty frustrating - not to mention the quality of the course compared to the other courses I slogged through to make sure I was prepared to take this one.

The primary reason I paid for the pro membership was to take this class. I had the same issue with the next project (bolt network) and switched to hunt elsewhere for info. It’s nice to hear that perhaps the rest of the course is less effected but how do we get our certificate if the projects don’t work?

Having the same problem as…what?

With the Heroku content or something else?

If you take a look at the Roadmap, it says that the Heroku content updates are “coming soon”. I’m not sure when that is…but perhaps it’s already been corrected in the RoR course(?)

From what I was able to find out, Heroku wasn’t actually the issue. The Ruby on Rails course is just broken for modern browsers - apparently some people can still see the browser embed? But I, and quite a few others, cannot. Even with all my security turned off. And the course is poorly written, relying entirely on you being able to see what happens in the browser embed.

I recommend Rails for Beginners Part 1: Installing Ruby on Rails - YouTube

Ah, ok. Gotcha. Sorry about that.

I was able to see the browser embed. fwiw, I was using Safari 16.5.1 on a Mac. I don’t have any extensions installed either.

You know… I should try on my Mac. Bypass the Windows work computer entirely, where it didn’t work in Chrome, Firefox, or Edge, even with the firewall off.

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