Is the order in which elements will be placed in an empty dictionary same as the sequential order in which they were created

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No error in code but the elements in the dictionary printed in console is not in the order of their creation

Expected the Menu items wud be displayed in the order of their creation

menu = {} # Empty dictionary
menu['Chicken Alfredo'] = 14.50 # Adding new key-value pair
print menu['Chicken Alfredo']
menu['chicken tikka'] = 160
menu['pakhala'] = 52
menu['macha bhaja'] = 75
print "There are " + str(len(menu)) + " items on the menu."
print menu

There are 4 items on the menu.
{'chicken tikka': 160, 'Chicken Alfredo': 14.5, 'pakhala': 52, 'macha bhaja': 75}


no, you have no control over the order in a dictionary. This out your control, there is a order (it will be the same if you print it multiply times), but this order is out of your reach, for order use lists.