Is the Learn CSS Course no longer free?

I was able to complete the first two lessons fine but when I reached the third, it asks me to subscribe to a Free Trial when I click on it. Am I missing something here?

Even in free courses, there is content that is unavailable to non-subscribers. Usually, most (not all) quizzes and projects (even in free courses) are locked away. You will see a lock icon next to the quizzes and projects. That being said, the lessons/exercises for these sections are accessible to non-subscribers.

Even though the “Learn CSS” course is listed as “Free” in the catalog, not all features are available to non-subscribers

As mentioned in,

Thank you for your reply, but when I click the first Lesson in The Box Model category, which is also entitled “The Box Model”, the website directs me to the Free Trial options. Is this course free, or isn’t it?

I am not a subscriber and I can access the lesson (not the project/quizzes) without any problem.

I suspect you are getting the prompt when you press the “Up Next” button in the exercises. You can click the “Skip for Now” option to advance to the next free lesson/exercise.

Alternatively, instead of clicking the “Up Next” button at the end of a module, you can go to the Syllabus and directly pick the next unlocked lesson/exercise. If there is a lock icon, then that project/quiz is not free. If some other icon, then you can access it (some quizzes/projects in some courses are available even to non-subscribers).