Is the hint incorrect, or my code?


The hint has an open curly bracket after the else if conditional. My code does not, yet it still passes as good. When I add the curly bracket, the code errors out.


Here's the hint:


I could be incorrect as I'm still a beginner myself, but I believe that
else {
return "paper wins";
should not have curly brackets, as else statements do not take conditions. The code is running because ( I think) the last } bracket is closing the entire compare function. I could be completely incorrect though.


say that to the "hint" the codecademy provides :slight_smile:

I'd like to contact codecademy directly but there is not indication on
their website on how to contact them . . .


I'm going to risk being told I'm leading the discussion off-topic but I think this link might clarify some issues with curly braces.


thanks for sending this over. very much on topic. My primary concern is
relying on a program that teaches programming that either isn't programmed
properly or not teaching properly by not providing all pertinent info . . .

thanks again for sending this over!


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