Is the free side of Codecademy dead?


I know my question sounds weird but being here since 2014(yeah I lost my old account and am currently on a new one), I’ve slowly started to feel that the free side of Codecademy is starting to die. Back when I first came here, I had fallen in love with codecademy for the vast amount of knowledge it gave to users for free. But ever since this new “Pro” thing came up, everything has changed. I don’t mind the “Pro” side much but then all the newer courses are Pro only, many of the formerly free features have been made Pro exclusive, I feel like one day, you’ll need to be a “Pro” member to be able to gain anything from here, which is sad considering Codecademy once stood out for offering such a lot for free :frowning: what do you guys think?


All the free courses are still there (except php), although a bit hard to find sometimes.

codecademy knows the majortity of there users use the free content. Codecademy would die without it

from a business point of view, i suppose it make sense to promote paid content, given any business needs money to survive, including codecademy.


That’s awesome! :slight_smile: . I’d love to know if any courses will be added in the future for free users.


lets hope so.


Code Cademy still has a lot of the free courses such as HTML, CSS, and JS which I have been learning. Sure Python 3 is Pro, but you can at least learn Python 2.

I hope this helps=)


Yeah currently doing Python 2 :smiley:


Nice! I’m a fairly new user to Code Cademy so I’m still learning lots about here. Sorry I couldn’t tell you more.


Good to know! And welcome to the community. Hope you have a nice time here :blush:


Thanks @barathr184 =) It means a lot!


I recommend going pro if you are trying to get a job doing software engineering or web development.

I don’t know if its so much about CC dying out it might be that the jobs require a higher level of skill a depth and CC offers that via there Pro courses.


Thanks =)

For now, I’m only a student. I could get it later on but for now I really don’t need it. I working on CSS and JS and they are good for the moment. Thanks for telling me!


Sure I’d love to check out the Pro (if I could afford it, that is :stuck_out_tongue: ) but CC ain’t dying at all, as long as we, the community are together. (As the saying goes, Unity is strength)


Nice saying. Yeah, the problem with Pro is how much money it is.


Yeah. Another free course would be really good. I hope so too.


After rereading this several times, I see what you’re saying about the possible feature of paying to get into Code Cademy. I wouldn’t like that, but the free side isn’t dead yet.


I’m sorry, whom are you replying to.


He was replying to the main post


I was referring to @trevorhodges


Just the main post in general.


I wish I could answer this, but I just joined today! However, I find that CodeCademy have quite a few free courses though. So I would say it isn’t dead.