Is that a BUG?


I have the impression that there is a bug on my CA screen ?

Look pictures joined . Contradiction between 2 situation

1-bad code print o

ut good answer yet said to be false .

2 -false answer displayed to be good (it was supposed to return'Hi, I am Susie')


Could you help please ?



this is the how it should be done:
var nameString = function (name) {
return "Hi I am " + " " + name;



Thanks blogsurfer85840 ! I found the solution . BUT this not the problem

Please read my question carefully and look at screens I ve dowloaded . Thanks for your help !


It seems that the test function doens't care what is printed on the screen the thing that matters is that the function is correct and that you call the function. That is what the first one does and therefore it is ok if you print other stuff as well or don't use the returned message it is not important. The problem with the second one is not the output, as said that doesn't matter but that you use a different output message:

"Hi, I am"+ " " +name 
"Hi, I am " + " " +name

so you added 2 spaces instead of one for the 2nd version.


Yes it is surprising . It worked at the moment when I copy paste exactly the instruction string . Then it worked but it's funny because on the result screen , it return a false answer ("Susie" instead of "Hi, I am susie") .

thanks Haxor789 , Super User !!