Is something wrong with the lessons?


So im very new to coding/programming and instead of going back to school and spending tons of money im trying to learn as much as I can on my own first. I want to pursue programming as it seems like the type of job where you can be creative on your own outside of work which is important to me. Also a career in programming will force me to keep up to date with technology and softwares lol.

I’m doing the “Computer Science” course;

And I’ve noticed a few things since I started.

For some reason I do not believe the exercises during the courses are loading correctly. I finished the assignment with regards to Kenny and the class mates he needs to pair up together.

I move onto the next exercise which has to deal with Control Flow and Iteration but the script in the assignment is the same script used for pairing up students. I can’t complete the assignment because this is not the right script. I go to reset the exercise and it says I have to start over because a part of the exercise is missing (saying I deleted/moved it somehow) so I say OK and do this and start over.

I come back to this same exercise and again it’s the same exercise script from pairing students. Im not pairing students anymore im now doing iterations for making omelets but I cant do this because the exercise is not providing me with the correct script. Since it’s not the correct one I cannot do as the instructions tell me and complete the exercise.

Does this happen for anyone else? Is this common? Is there a fix? I know it sounds dumb but I really need to know the basics as much as ppl may say its not necessary. I want to start from the bottom and learn since I have zero knowledge, I don’t feel comfortable moving onto another lesson and exercise without completing this :(. With that being said, any help is appreciated.

Thank you!


Here is an example. It should not allow me to move onto step 2 of the instructions. I feel like the exercises are not loading in correctly. The exercise is still the one for pairing students :-/

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On that page (iteration) replace the code (all of it) with this, but first click inside the editor then press Ctrl+A and Delete. Now paste in,

on_the_griddle = [["eggs"], ["eggs"], ["eggs"], ["eggs"]]

def add_spinach(being_cooked):
	for item in being_cooked:
def add_mushrooms(being_cooked):
	for item in being_cooked:

def add_cheese(being_cooked):
	for item in being_cooked:
# Paste your code on the lines below:

Then complete the steps in the instructions.

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Will do this now!


Did I miss this somewhere or are they not loading correctly? If not then I guess I’ll post on the forums again in the event it happens again lol.

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OK see now I’m onto the next exercise;

and the code in the editor is the one I had to copy and paste for the iteration exercise.

Why aren’t the exercises working correctly? Why does the editor keep the previous exercises code and not update and change??

It’s going to be really discouraging if every exercise is going to be like this and I have to post asking for each exercise :(.

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Maybe this is the fix LOL


It’s possible there is a latency issue due to a slow connection, or the servers are backlogged. Just guessing but this is not something I’ve experienced in a long while. Keep on plugging away. Hopefully you won’t have to deal with this too much. At each new page, before running any code, try a page refresh and see if that doesn’t wake things up.

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I will do this and if anything i’ll copy and paste the link from the browser into a new window and that’ll probably fix it. Or at least that was the fix today :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for helping me out!