Is python used in mobile games?

I was wondering if python is used in the development of games found on places like The Google Play Store and the Itunes store.

maybe a few apps, yes, but like 1% and likely even less

Its best to develop in native languages for those platforms, which will be Java for android and swift for IOS


okay is there any place I can get deeper into Java than here?

I am sure there are, but i don’t know where this is. I don’t even known Java, so i am not the person to ask

oh okay then I’ve finished the course on here so I thought you or anyone else who checks this topic out might link me to a website where I can do that sort of learning

There are countless other threads on the same topic - just do a search.

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but is Python another debugging language?

What do you mean by ‘debugging language’?

a language like Javascript

Javascript is a client side language and Python is server side… they’re not very similar.

I still don’t understand what you mean by ‘debugging language’. All languages can be debugged…?

I’ve been told by others on this forum that Javascript is used for debugging like with my codebit i’ve put the most work into

Any chance you could point me to that conversation?

Any language can be used to be debug.

sorry I forget what one it is I just remember that I was told that Javascript is a language used to debug stuff like webpages

I think this is it?. p.s. It would be quite a ways up there

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I’m pretty sure it isn’t. Javascript is to provide animations and interactions and make the page ‘come to life’ more.