Is programming same as coding?

I think i’m good at coding but im bad at programming… newbie

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Short answer, no. But I think they both involve computational thinking.

I think this might be a good explanation(?):


Programming is more general in regards to the project: balances technical specifications, deals with issues of scaling and efficiency, managing and organizing all the moving parts, etc.

Coding is the more local issue of the language, syntax, debugging (which doesn’t need to take into account the bigger picture, if the syntax is wrong, it’s wrong and there’s one fix).

Often times these terms are conflated and used interchangeably, but “coder” is sometimes pejorative. Outside of tech many people regard it to be the same thing.
There’s the added complication that programmers will often have to code, and coders will have to program. I don’t think there’s a vacuum where the two ideas are completely separate from each other.


Coding means writing code for programs or we development. On the other hand, programming looks at the bigger picture when creating apps, while coding is only one aspect of their work.