Is PHP dead for good?


There might already be a topic regarding this, if so… my apologies.

I have only a question:

will PHP course be available again at some point?

brgds. Marco

What happened to the PHP course that Codecademy offered before?

The concensus at the product level is that the interest is not there, at least not enough to justify the expense of having a PHP engineer on staff to create a version that meets with modern PHP standards. It is doubtful it will ever make a return unless demand becomes overwhelming.

What’s more, all the International Language tracks are also on their way out, and there is no timeline at present as to when their new iterations will appear. The composer interface is no longer a viable option as it has a new owner and costs are too prohibitive. Currently all resources and personel are focused on the migration and rollout of new English language tracks. I am of the belief, though, that there will one day be translations rolling out to match the existing tracks. We will just have to wait and see (and hope).