Is moderator a paid position?

It’s evident that moderators log in massive hours…

There is certainly a non-numerical reimbursement part, in the form of kind words and badges.

But is it enough?

Sometimes you really have to listen and try to understand what is the issue. I am not talking about the misspellings and missing spaces, but questions like what are objects, what does a function do, why is there a return here… etc. The answers have to be tailor-fitted, and something like that takes time.

I have a massive amount of admiration for all, moderators and non mods, who keep this forum going by answering the seemingly never ending (sometimes repeating) questions.

I would like to single out moderators, you invest so much of your time into this endeavour.

What keeps you going?


No, it’s not paid. The moderating team are just friendly individuals who help out in their spare time. :slight_smile:


Yes, it takes time. But it is satisfying being able to help someone else :slight_smile:

But as a moderator you need to have good understanding of multiply languages/concepts, but if you will pay close attention you will see that we are a bit selective. I very rarely answer jquery questions for example.

Thank you for the compliment. The team is also great, i appreciate that, and it really helps. We can help and support each other, and learn from each other.

So yes, time consuming but also rewarding. Maybe not in the form/shape of cash, but money isn’t always the most important thing :slight_smile:


Thanks for noticing us @puristaja! :slight_smile:

What keeps you going?

The interesting questions. The type that take me a long time to think about, or make me learn new stuff in order to explain something to the person asking. I don’t have any great examples right off, although I did enjoy answering @nickgrimes50’s question about if statements recently (I should have remembered how if statements work, because I’ve checked if a variable is true or false plenty before, but because of the context, I completely forgot and got to spend some time re-teaching myself that :slight_smile:).

When I see a learner thinking about how something works and asking a question that hasn’t been asked before and makes me think, and then I’m able to answer their question satisfactorily, it’s a nice feeling.

Also, I feel like this can be viewed as a bit of a “Pay it Forward” thing. People help me when I’m stuck, so then I help others when I can, and hopefully they continue that and help teach even more people :slight_smile:


I enjoy helping others, it makes me happy and its something that I enjoy so why not do it :slight_smile:

As stetim94 said we only answer post regarding what we know well !

I myself have learnt a lot from being on this forum and it makes you more observant when coding.


Stetim! I wish I could code like you one day (I will try my best). To be honest, it’s too precise and accurate. Good going. Thanks for all the help. :slight_smile:


I want to thank you all so much for helping! I am a newbie with JavaScript the moderators keep me going! If it weren’t for you all I may have quit a long time ago!

Thank you!


You’re welcome.