Is it too late to start programing ? (26y old )

Hello . Before i start learning ,i wanted to ask you am i too old (26) for start learning programing ? I mean most of the people who i know started to learn programing at age : 16-17 . :confused: i want to start with python ,then something else …but im afraid i cant get a job in the future (at age ~30-31),because im to old without experience

26 is very young, you can easily start with programming. People who are 40+ should be able to start and find a job. (given enough interest and persistence)


Hi. I’m 47 , we are never too old to learn new things. :smiley:


Great thing about the programming community is that employers look at your side projects more than degree or experience. If you have the love for it and it shows on your projects, they are most likely going to hire you over someone who has a degree but barely programs. I started at 27 three years ago and got my Associates last year. Moved to a new country so I’m still looking for a job, but never regretted becoming a developer.


Hello, young brains are wonderful. Just crack on and do it. I’m a 68-year-old woman and I’m about to start learning to code. I used to run the front and back end of a social networking website for educators, and now I just want to keep my hand in properly so that I can help my grandchild when she starts learning to code! So good luck, and viva to all coders, young and old!


I’m 47. I went to college at 40 so I could get a computer science degree. I was employed directly from college before I was even complete. I ended up moving from the United States west coast to living in Germany for two years (so far) with my family, working as a software engineer.

It was a little rough while going to school since I was always one of the older students, in many cases, older than my instructors. However I was always able to keep up with my classmates and was always desired in group work.

Honestly, if you put the effort in with learning online and find you really enjoy this work, you’ll find the knowledge useful and will always have a positive effect in your life. Besides, programming is a fun puzzle challenge, keeping your mind sharp.

Once you get some coding experience under your belt, then you can move onto learning programming paradigms (OOP, functional, procedural), using more than one language to accomplish tasks, etc…

To sum it up, I don’t believe you are ever too old to learn anything. Learning should be a lifelong effort and is never wasted.


NO not at all !! Its never late to learn anything new . just believe in yourself .:sunglasses:

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I’m a 32 year mom of three who felt constantly challenged during STEM (science tech engineering math) topics at school. In class I felt like the wagon was running away before I even had one of my feet on. This is why I love learning online, at my own pace.
Currently, approaching coding with the attitude of learning a new instrument. At the beginning your fingers hurt, it’s frustrating, screechy and you’re playing really easy sheet music. Slowly our learning accumulates, and before you know it you’re looking at yourself saying “wow, :smile: was that me”?!


me too. i am 26 y old

thank you all for your kind words :slight_smile:

I’m 28 Y/O and boosting my skill. Your never to old to try something new