Is it this difficult for everyone? Stuck on 9/13


Every exercise feels like it’s the first time I’ve ever seen Python. Every exercise, I feel like I’m completely lost. Like the simple instructions are asking me to do something I’ve never heard of. Is that normal? Is it a natural consequence of not having instructors to hold my hand? Is this just how self-paced online classes are?
It’s not for lack of dedication. I work on this for a few hours a day, five days a week. I take copious notes by hand, in a notebook to try and cement this stuff in my brain. It just doesn’t seem to be sticking.
I try not to post in the forums unless I really just cannot get something; and it seems like I’m constantly having to give up and come here to ask for hand-holding.
I just came here a few minutes ago for 8/13 and now I’m stuck on 9/13.


Focus on what actions should happen, convince yourself that this amounts to the desired result before writing anything. Doesn’t need to be the whole program at once, can just as well be a small piece that you know you’ll be able to connect with other things later.

I assume you’re supposed to figure out the total value of the stock. You’d need to know each type of item in the stock, and look up both amount and price for each such item. <- This is stuff you can easily print out to verify that you’re doing this, and not something else. It’s also rather trivial to figure out that you need to do these actions.

current item: 'banana'
amount in stock: 100
price each: 3
total for this item: 300
running total: 300

current item: 'strawberry'
amount in stock: 37
price each: 1
total for this item: 37
running total: 337


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