Is it strange I can't solve Challenge Project II at Javascript intro part II?

After about 10 hours of braincracking I solved Challenge Project I of javascript part II (part of the career path Front End Enginer). But I am completely stuck in Challenge Project II… It feels like this exercise is way to difficult at this stage of the course. What does this say about my skills / learning path??


Generally I would say that yes, some of the main Codecademy projects are a very significant jump in difficulty and well, they are intended as Challenge Projects after all.

If you’re stuck on it what I would personally recommend going is to go a few modules back and recap everything you’ve learned. You could also try some slightly easier algorithm questions on somewhere like Edabit or Exercism (CodeWars is another good one but their challenges tend to be a tad more difficult), then once you feel a little more confident you can try to tackle the challenge project.

Alternatively you could just try to dive into it and give it a go. While it will be difficult, one of the best ways to learn in programming is by doing and the more difficult projects you attempt the better you’ll become at them.

Good luck! :smiley:

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Thanks for your reply @notlyall ! I will look to Edabit en Exercism, and I will give it a new try :slight_smile:

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