Is it Still worth it to learn PHP?

I have asked this question of many people and have gotten two different answers. One side says yes and the other side of course says no. One of the upsides of learning PHP is that there are still websites out there today that use it. However, that is also a down side to PHP. PHP is old and can be replaced by other languages, and we should be helping with that by re-writing our websites in newer and better languages.

In my conclusion, I say that yes, it is still worth it to learn PHP, but only because we should understand it in order to replace it with newer and better languages. I would however be interested in hearing your guys opinions on this topic, and hear new or refined reasons on why it is or isn’t worth it to still learn PHP.

I would say yes, Many companies and huge CMS systems still use it like Wordpress…

Lets throw in a poll

@williamwallacef13 Wants to know Is it still worth it to learn PHP?

  • Yes to learn PHP
  • Nope not worth it
  • Matter of preference
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Sites like this can give you some ideas

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PHP is still used a lot, really a lot. It is still worth learning. Like you said, difficult to tell, everyone has a different opinion.

If you where planning to build something new i wouldn’t pick PHP, but because php is still used so much, it is still worth it.

Lol, sit down. PHP isn’t going no where. There’s nothing else to replace it, for common core web development.