Is it possible to view challenge criteria?

Hi there,

I’m new to Codeacademy, and am just working through the HTML course. I’ve done a little HTML before, so I’m rattling through it fairly fast, but my code doesn’t pass the following challenge:

I’m pretty comfortable with all the concepts and my code works as expected, but it’s not passing the final step of the challenge. I’m stuck at 20/21 steps complete.

No doubt this is because as I’ve gone through the project I’ve used some of my own wording and tidied up a little capitalisation and grammar. Therefore, it’d be nice to see exactly what the software is checking so that I can tidy up what’s necessary to pass.


The “Form-a-Story” project is “self-graded”, so you check the tasks off as you go rather than having the learning environment evaluate your code and decide if you met the criteria…

If you’re “stuck” on 20/21, you simply need to check off the remaining task to enable the “Up Next” button.


Thanks for that! Turns out I had just failed to check off one of the earlier tasks.



No problem. Some of the longer projects, it’s easy to forget that you’re self marking - especially when for everything else the LE checks your work. :slight_smile:

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