Is it possible to learn React and Vue without learning JavaScript?

Hello everyone.

I’ve been taking courses from Codecademy for a while to become a front-end engineer. I’ve figured out HTML and CSS. Code Foundations will be over tonight. JavaScript, Vue and React are next.

I need to learn Vue and React urgently. But some developers say that I should start with these two after I learn JavaScript, otherwise I will have problems. In Codecademy’s Learner Stories, I saw some people who learned React without learning JavaScript.

Actually, I want to start Vue and React after I learn JavaScript, but I had to ask you this question due to urgent needs.

Before learning anything new, especially large frameworks like React, or Vue, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the prerequisite concepts and code that make it up.

React/Vue by themselves are not completely new syntax, but instead an extension on JavaScript syntax, therefore you simply need to know JS before trying to jump ahead and learn a framework, or else you’ll likely find it very difficult and end up with significant holes in your learning.

If you’ll indulge my metaphor for a moment, think of it like trying to drive a car, before you can even think of doing that, you need to understand what the steering wheel or each pedal does, along with all the theory knowledge and major road laws etc. In theory you could without these, but it would likely end badly! Same goes for React and JavaScript. Many foundations and essential ideas in a framework come from the underlying language, and without these you just can’t effectively learn.

So yeah, I would strongly discourage trying to learn any JS framework without understanding of JS first :slight_smile:


Thank you very much.

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