Is it possible to learn HTML or anything else with CodeCademy?


I’m new to Codecademy.
My english is ok to follow the course but i have some problem to explain my following problem/question :

I tought it would be nice to learn programming in this website but I already finished “Learn HTML” course and i’m disappointed.

Once the course finished, I don’t know anything about HTML, only some basic code :

  • text
  • < img >
  • < video >
  • < table > …

the codecademy ads says it’s possible to learn a “new job” and i’m surprised; i’ve finished the HTML course and it look like I know nothing

( the “bear website” and the “Fashion Blog” are not real website :roll_eyes: )

Is it really possible in codecademy to learn serious knowledge for free ?
How do you use this website if you can only learn basic information ?

I don’t seem to find more html course and I receive a lot of spam on my email asking me to pay $200 for real course.

Have you also done the css course:

The css course also includes more html, this used to be one course (html and css), not sure why they separated it.

The free content doesn’t make you job ready, but it seems that since they separated the html and css course, the html course doesn’t seem to have much content anymore, most content seemed to have ended up in css course

html and css belong together, html is only the structure of the page, css is needed for styling and positioning elements

Javascript should also be learned, there is much more free content on codecademy as well (ruby, python and so on)


What helps me is to use what I have learn and try to create something else. You can use other sites to complement what you learned here such as .

Come up with a simple project. I was working on learning javascript, so I created a simple HTML page and wrote a simple javascript to take a first and last name and convert it to Lastname, Firstname. Dumb little mostly worthless script, but I produced something real.

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thank you I will try both of your answer; I just started the CSS course (french school ask to do Html/CSS/Command line) :man_farmer:

It’s sad the Pro Intensive program are at 200$ it’s too expensive for me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

do they make new course on [codecademy free] or is the website over (finished) ?

yea, new free content is still being added as you can see on the beta page. All released courses and beta courses consist of 2 parts, free content (interactive lessons) and paid content (freeform project and quizzes).

the pro subscription for the paid content is $20 a month, then there is the pro-intensive, which is the $200 you mention. So there are 3 tiers: free, pro and pro-intens.

of course codecademy tries to promote there paid content, which makes sense, they are a company, and companies need to generate money.

But there is still plenty of free content, there are also more free courses available (sass, reactJS, Javascript, command line, python, ruby, angular, Java, git, ruby on rails and more) then you mentioned in your original answer. So plenty of free content there as well

Codecademy is very well aware that there free content is vital for them as well (to attract new people), so free content will keep coming to codecademy, codecademy is certainly not dead, new content will keep coming