Is it possible to become software engineer without a degree?

I am currently on a pathway learning to become a software engineer. My question is, is it possible to get a job as a software engineer without a college degree?

Degree, or no degree, in order to gain the level of proficiency to fill the job role one will need to spend a couple years, at least, studying all the requisite disciplines. An engineer holds a position of responsibility and trust that comes only from sufficient wherewithal in the field. Gain that wherewithal and I’m sure nobody will care if you don’t hold a degree.


You certainly can become a software engineer without a degree, but be prepared to work harder to prove you know what you’re talking about than someone that has a cs degree. It sucks, but that’s just the way the job world works.

Learning on your own, showing you have some certs or some projects behind you will help push you ahead of the degree folks, so keep at it!

As my good friend said, having a degree is like having a free pass to all the cool parties, but that doesn’t mean you’re a cool kid. :smiley: