Is it possible and beneficial to finish full courses in matter of days?

hi, I recently joined CA, I see recommendation on some course that they week take weeks, like 6-10, yet I find it that I’m able to complete them within days if not hours, (less than a week) is it possible and beneficial, I have all the time in the world and very determinate
and I am a quick learner, what do you think ?

Hey @course7688949865 - welcome to the forum.

What we don’t know is how long, per day, the folk at Codecademy anticipate that you’ll spend working on the course material. Naturally, if they figured that someone might spend an hour or so a day, on average, working through a course and you’re doing 4 hours a day then you’ll obviously fly through them.

I don’t think it’s helpful, personally, to focus on how quickly you’re able to get through a particular exercise or course. Rather, if you’re at the end of a course, ask yourself questions which will gauge your comprehension of the material.

For example, can you remember - without looking them up - how to implement a specific type of loop, or can you from memory implement a new derived class within your chosen language?

Validating your understanding of what you’ve learned is a far more valuable metric than how quickly you completed a course. :slight_smile:


I agree with @thepitycoder, it is more important that you understood what you have learned than to finish everything as fast as possible.

Nobody will tell you that you can’t finish a course in a few hour’s. If you are able to do this and understood the content than that is fine. Everybody has his own pace in learning so its best to not worry about how long it should take.

I think recommendation is considered a time limit as in “if you are still not done after 10 weeks, you might want to look for some help.” instead of how long it should take.

If you can do it that fast without learning many new things it might be an option to try stuff on the next level. You could google for some projects that are considered intermediate-expert difficulty. A good place for this would be for example codewars.

Hope this helps you in your coding adventure.


I really like that site - especially comparing my solutions to some of the bizarre ones other people come up with.

(Some of the Python solutions are horrific, though…)


sometimes i am very proud on my work. than i send in my work and see some dude do the same thing in one line. A little harsh sometimes but boy do you learn a lot from it.


I second (or fourth, I guess) the recommendations for codewars. Also, if you like math, then Project Euler will be of interest, and for data, Kaggle


Some of the Python one-liners sacrifice legibility for brevity, I find… which is somewhat against the grain, but I guess to be expected in a competitive coding environment. It’s all certainly educational, though.


Let me add my recommendation for codewars to the list. I would like to point out that the “courses” that estimate 6-10 weeks are skill paths not individual courses. They are comprised of several courses, and while you may complete them quicker than 6 weeks, it’s unlikely that you’ll complete the whole path in a matter of hours. As far as how beneficial it is to plow through everything at breakneck speed, that’s for you to decide. It depends on what you’re trying to accomplish.