Is it normal?


I've been learning Python from here since 1-2 week, now i'm stuck at every exercise in
Practice Makes Perfect, i just can't come up with what i need to do. I know how to
write it, can read and understand the solution.

Is this normal since i'm not experienced yet or am i just not in my element?

I wanted to get Pro after i finish all the free courses, is it the reason i'm kinda

Thank you for enlighting me.


This module takes us a wee bit further than the previous lessons leading up to it. There is no sin in doing all the previous modules over again so you get more comfortable with concepts and begin to see how the pieces come together in each situation. Everybody has difficulty at the beginning. Only practice and reading will help you get over that early hurdle.

It may seem that way, now, but it will emerge with time and effort. We do not have to keep up with anybody, and just because a solution may come easier for some than for others doesn't mean they are smarter or better. It just means they are further along. The first rule of programming is to not compare yourself to others. Be yourself, work at a pace that is comfortable, and repeat, repeat, repeat.


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