Is it normal when starting out as a freelancer to use templates?

Hi all,

I recently started working for clients in my local area, making basic websites with a small selection of pages etc. and find I tend to be most comfortable by using an HTML template as a bit of a starting block. I then work on it to customise and tweak to the clients requirements. Is this quite normal? Especially for someone new to freelance work?

I can’t tell if I should be building everything from scratch in order to use all the knowledge I have gained from my studies or is it “ok” to get a bit of a helping hand from html templates whilst building my confidence?

Thanks all


It probably depends on the site requirements but using templates is quite normal.
Whilst it is quicker, it might be less customisable. If you’re using a template built by someone else, you also won’t get as much HTML practice.

Maybe try creating your own templates which you can then re-use and customise. That’s what I often do.

You should also check what conditions you are allowed to use templates under to make sure you’re not breaking any copyright rules.

Also, if you do use templates, have a look through the HTML and see if you can understand what the components do. There’s lots of great documentation on sites such as W3 Schools and MDN Web Docs if you can’t work out what certain components do.

Hope that helps!

You should use CSS templates. They have a lot of free ones on the internet and some a lot of freedom for use. Make sure you do a lot of customizing, you do not want to see another website with the same design and pictures. Many do that because it is faster. You have a header, a footer, and different number of columns. That is your CSS. What you out in them is HTML, pictures, drawings, symbols, etc. this is what makes it different.