Is it normal to a newbie?


Hello guys,
I am a newbie to programming. I just finished my Function Chapter. I can code most of the lessons without any difficulty but sometimes I don't think I know exactly what I am doing:unamused:. So, my question is it is normal to a newbie??


Yes, it can happen. That's why you can probably research further about what codecademy tells you. Google (and people in this forum) can be your friend(s). :sunglasses:


Thank you, dnlsrl. I will research:relaxed:


Don't worry, i feel like a newb all the time, i started coding three months ago, and there's so much, but i can feel i'm getting to a point where i undestand it, and not having to look in forums or around the web for answers all the time, but still sometimes, i fell blanc.


Thanks buddy. I feel better now:sunglasses: